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How will the Covid-19 pandemic be remembered in the future?

A digital archive of contemporary memories to understand how day-to-day lives are affected by the pandemic

#covidmemory offers all people living or working in Luxembourg the opportunity to share their experiences and preserve them for future generations

The Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History - C²DH at the University of Luxembourg is documenting how the pandemic has changed our lives. is an online platform that allows the people living and working in Luxembourg to share how the pandemic is affecting their lives. In this @RTLlu interview, I talk about the contemporary and historical relevance of this digital archive, both for current and future generations.

Unprecedented circumstances

The impact of Covid-19 has been profound. We have all found ourselves confronted with unprecedented restrictions in our private and professional lives. In the near future, thanks to and other similar initiatives, we will for instance be able to study how we managed our family life with social distancing, how remote work changed our professional lives, how the educational system functioned via digital education, and how our relatioship with the environment changed.

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