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Does the 'Italian Brain drain' still exist?

For their feature 'Successful Italians abroad', I was interviewed by the online magazine

Why did I leave Italy and did I have ever regretted it?

The 'brain drain' is anything but new, but there is an even sadder consequence to that.. the cultural impoverishment due to mass migration

To leave or to stay?

To leave or to stay.. This is an extremely personal choice, and I don't really feel like generalizing. All I can say is that I never regretted my decision. I think that spending some time abroad can be an excellent opportunity to challenge ourselves, even beyond work opportunities. Young Italians especially should consider having experiences abroad as early as possible, especially in competitive universities. Coming back is always possible after all.

Do I still feel Italian?

I have very conflicting feelings. On the one hand, Italy is and will always be a part of me and of who I am. On the other, I don't feel represented by what today 'being Italian' means. Although I use this term very carefully (read my Blog post about 'What does being Italian mean?). Do I miss Italy? Sometimes. But when I was still living in Italy, I was very frustrated and bitter about the lack of research opportunities, nepotism, corruption, and lack of transparency.

Italy is and will always be a part of me and of who I am

Full interview here

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