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Postcards from the International Summer School 'Inequality and Society in the globalised world'

I designed and taught this four-week Summer School in which learned how to become more effective intercultural mediators in international or multicultural settings

Understanding the importance of gender and social inequality is crucial in development and poverty reduction processes

Learning social inequality first hand

Through a series of field trips, students studied social inequalities with a focus on intercultural communication, personal experiences and global social issues. For instance, we visited the Norwich Food Bank. Students learned about food poverty in capitalist societies and heard real statistics about Norwich and the UK. We also experienced how to make real food baskets following the national guidelines.

Developing a feasible development plan to tackle a real social issue

As an example of social development initiative, we visited Cafe' Britannia, a cafe' run mostly by prisoners serving the end of their sentences. This was an opportunity to witness a social business plan which inspired students for their final assignment for which they had to design a feasible development plan to reduce social inequality.

Designing and teaching the ISS was a fantastic experience for me, both at an academic and personal level. Teaching in such a multicultural setting was enriching, valuable and rewarding

And of course, a final ceremony was in order!

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