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How has the Digital impacted migration studies? Our IMISCOE Panel report is out!

Have you missed our Panel on Digital migration at the 18th IMISCOE Annual Conference? Worry not! Here's a short highlights summary :)

There is now a wide range of digital approaches that complement or even challenge traditional methodologies and theories of how to do research on migration

Together with my colleague Machteld Venken (C²DH), I organised the panel series “Doing Historical Research on Migration in the Digital Age: Theories, Concepts and Methods” at the International Migration Research Network Annual Conference (IMISCOE) on 7-9 July 2021 at the University of Luxembourg. The aim of the panel series was to explore how digital technologies have impacted migration history research. The now over-cited ‘Digital Turn’ has indeed impacted all areas in scientific practice: data collection, empirical research, analysis, interpretation, and communication. Over the course of three days, we explored and reflected upon the different ways in which migration research and digital advances have interacted in empirical investigations.

The Panels brought together prominent international researchers working in the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary field of migration. It presented and discussed methodologies, tools and practices. At the same time, we also evaluated infrastructure and tool development needs for research on migration and/or borders. In this way, it also constituted a critical, innovative, and interdisciplinary platform for the discussion, exploration and sharing of the implications of the digital turn on migration research.

Migration both as a public debate and as a research area remains of the greatest contemporary relevance

The main conclusions of the Panels served also as an updated way to explore the remarkable possibilities being offered for research by the ongoing digitisation and documentation of migration sources and data. Read the full report here.


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