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DeXTER finally up an running 🤩

After one year of VERY hard work, in the middle of a global pandemic, and all related challenges along the way, on the 24th March 2021 DeXTER was finally born!

On the 24th March, DeXTER was finally born. The team is happy and well ;P

When I was awarded the C²DH Thinkering Grant last year, I didn't think about the great deal of satisfaction that the delivery of a finished, transparent, Open Access, fully replicable product would bring. Yes, it was challenging. And Corona did not make it any easier. Draining long virtual meetings, slow connections, etc. etc. But also a fantastic opportunity to measure my communication skills, perseverance, (a lot of patience) and the continuous desire for new learning challenges.

DeXTER comes as a trio. An OA digital heritage collection, a GitHub repository with reusable code, an interactive, OA app.

I am so grateful for this opportunity and I hope I have succeeded to provide the wide digital humanities community with not yet another tool, but much more: an example of critical engagement with the digital which always has to go through transparency and reusability.

Link to the digital source: here

Link to the repository and full documentation: here

Link to the DeXTER app: here



Department of Art and Culture, History, and Antiquity

Faculty of Humanities

Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam (VU )
De Boelelaan 1105, 1081 HV Amsterdam, Netherlands

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